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  1. At least your cousin was respectful about it. My cousin not only rejected me, but also had her family and other relatives grill me on it. What's worse is that she even added some lies to make me look bad in their eyes. They are one of the worst people I have ever met in my life and I don't ever want to see any of them again. You, on the other hand, have a chance with your cousin. Maybe not now, but try to open up the topic again. If you and your cousin have religious beliefs, bring that to the discussion. Also, bring up some of the state laws in regards to cousin marriages (second cousin marriages are legal in all of the US and in much of the world). If all of the above fail, then forget about your cousin and move on. Life is short - spend it with those that you love and those that love you.
  2. Words of wisdom - Pooch is the man! 👍 If she rejects you, who cares? Meet other women that are worthy of your love and attention and also returns the favor. She's not the only girl in the planet.
  3. I strongly believe religion has a major influence with the acceptance of cousin marriages. For example, in Christianity, the bible teaches that cousin marriages are acceptable (Leviticus 18). So, in theory, if a Christian knows the bible well, he or she would be accepting of cousin marriages. (P.S. The teachings of Catholicism seem to have cousin marriages in a bit of a mess. For instance, when I was Catholic, most priests and nuns I ran into stated that cousin marriages were prohibited, yet according to the bibles they use, cousin marriages are actually accepted.)
  4. Thank you all for your advice - I appreciate it! I believe it's time to, unfortunately, separate from her. Her parents, siblings, and other relatives have all pretty much gone against me. The cousin has even added some lies to make me look very bad in their eyes. This has been a pretty horrid experience, but also, an enlightening one. It has shown me what kind of people they all are (especially my cousin). I will cut all relations and ties with them, but from how they have treated me from this, I will never help them out with anything again. From this whole experience, they can now consider me more of an enemy from now on.
  5. I am a Christian. Years back, I was attending a bible study and was taught about how cousins were allowed to marry in the bible. Leviticus 18 specifically showed who you could not marry, and while this included much of your kin, it did not include cousins! I found this very surprising, for when I was a Catholic, I was taught that marriage between cousins was prohibited. Furthermore, I was also taught about the legality of cousin marriages in the U.S. Many states ban the marriage of first cousins, but second cousin marriages are allowed in all the states (and I believe in much of the world today). Fast forward to the present. I meet a second cousin of mine that I have never met before. She's beautiful, spunky and has a charming attitude. We began to show interest towards each other and had excellent chemistry. Unfortunately, when we went out once, her demeanor and language changed, with her basically rejecting me outright. As her entire family are Catholics, I believe that they were the ones responsible for influencing her to turn away from me. At one point, I am hurt and feel that I should cut all ties with them, but on the other hand, I feel that if she knew about the bible and laws in the U.S., she might have a change of heart. What are your thoughts on this? Any inputs would be appreciated!
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