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  1. Me and mz cousin we are so in love. Madly, she is married am married we both have daughters. One december we had a family fun day her fam and mine but we could sneek in the mid of the night...we are so in love and its been more than 5yrs now...currently we are far apart she another continent, but we talk every moment sleep late..we are crazily in love..what do we...we are even planning to take a trip to the beach far away in afew weeks..do we continue like this undercover or we go public...we both have issues with our partners, shes is not in good terms with the hubbz coy on daz th hubbz brought another chic to their home while she was away, one my side my wife called it quit its open..but here we r the cousins...what do we do...i never thought this thing exist but am so hit by it
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