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  1. whether or not she feels a sexual attraction to me. it doesnt matter to me about the intimate stuff as much as the just being there for her, thats what really matters to me. i just don't know what to say or how to ask her or where a conversation would start or when it would be appropriate to bring up the more intimate things we did as kids and as young adults. but as an adult i dont want her not talking to me about it like im not talking to her and bottling it up, my cuz (f) was the one starting it alot of the time playing around but now i (m) feel like i need to talk to her about it but not sure how or what to say or how to hint to her id like to try something again as adults??? if anyone could help us both that would be great maybe a PM or just a reply Thanks for the help in advanced could anyone with this experience or experience like it help me it would be greatly appreciated,
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