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  1. So well reading from the beginning i.e 2009 I am happy that i am not alone. Exception is that my love is not my first cousin but I am love with my second cousin that is .... Her grandfather and my grandfather are brothers.....Hope you all can relate... We have our secret relationship from 2.5 years.....but there is very less communication between us because she doesn't have any personal mobile given because her parents doubts on her that she might have a boyfriend. But also we always trust each other. Ofcourse its a true love . We first met at a wedding of our relation and the sad thing is that after that meet ... We haven't met or seen each other on video call since first meet i.e 2.5 years before ?. We hardly talk once or twice in a month because of her security problems. Because of fear of our relationship she doesn't call me frequently. And she is also afraid of this relationship . But we love each other very truly . Can't see other with anyone else. So please anyone suggest what should we do . We have 3 years time before her marriage. And we are second cousins ....plzzzzzzz anyone
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