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  1. I'll have to look into this now that we're quarantined. Wishing everyone health!
  2. Pretty hateful stuff in a world where changing your sexual orientation is starting to be considered normal. I figure if God ordered and blessed marriages between first cousins and knew each of us before He formed us in our mother's womb, and the world says first cousins being in love is sick and weird but changing your sexual orientation is fine, I'll stick with God's thinking. Thanks for the input anyway, world.
  3. Plus you'd been married quite a while, weren't you? It'll take time but it gets better.
  4. I feel for your predicament. I know from God's word, at least the first cousin deal isn't contrary to Scripture. The whole being married thing, of course, is different, but He's a forgiving God and you can turn that around. We all sin but continuing in it is the problem. My kids are grown. My cousin and I spent decades not talking about it. Didn't make it go away, though. I sure wish you the best.
  5. I was like him. I was scared silly when I was young and my cousin expressed his feelings. I did not have the facts back then, so that's in your favor. I still am not sure I could have handled the jokes and ridicule and looks I feared, because my family is not privy to it now, and I'm "seasoned in years" shall we say, but it's still scary. Just express how deeply you feel for him but the ball is in his court now. I like the comment above about the actual facts. I agree. Show him those and then all you can do is back off until he decides. I wish you the very best. ❤
  6. Thanks KC. I'm sorry your marriage to your cousin didn't work out. Maybe he's loved me longer than I have him, at least in this way, but now that I've gotten to really know him as an adult, he's definitely won my heart. I just wish cousins could divorce as cousins, not in the way you're experiencing. Hindsight is 20/20, right? Anyway, I've done research into this site for a while now, and even though you're going through a difficult time nearing divorce, please know you've helped many by launching this site. I dont feel like I'm doing something immoral anymore, having reviewed all the resea
  7. I'm brand new to this site. I'm just so glad it's here because I don't know about you guys, but I felt like there was something wrong with me being attracted to and falling in love with my cousin. He expressed his love for me when I was 17. Then I freaked and ran. After I divorced, he did the "full court press" to win my heart, telling me he's been waiting for me for 35 years. I cannot let my family know because I refuse to cause them any embarrassment or pain. So we have agreed to keep our feelings to ourselves. Its extremely difficult, but I feel it's the only way. I love him so much, but
  8. The thing is if you PM, you're really more vulnerable if you're talking about FB. Then a stranger who you talk to knows about your FB profile. I'd be more worried to do that than talk on this forum. But I understand it's difficult. I'm brand new to this site. I have found the stories comforting, just knowing we're not alone.
  9. I don't know what to tell you because I'm close to West Texas and it's a felony here. It's heartbreaking because me and my cousin are in love but everything has to be so secretive. Just be careful and be sure you want to be with him forever. It's not worth destroying a family if you're not.
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