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  1. I am so frustrated that this Stigma of falling in love with a first cousin, makes it so we can’t just fall in love and be happy. There has got to be a way for us to be happy and not have this over our heads.
  2. Please message me too! Talking to you helps me feel less alone.
  3. Thank you for replying. After I told him we were pregnant it has gotten pretty bad.? At this point I have no idea if we even have a future. His initial reaction was get rid of it. What if it’s Special Needs? I can’t do this. Then he started freaking out about everyone knowing the baby is ours. It went so deep that we even talked about me raising the baby on my own and telling everyone I had a one night stand. I melted down after that. How can he allow his fears to justify our baby growing up without knowing her father? There has to be a way to get through this stigma and for us to just find happiness. This is killing my Soul.?
  4. I am in the middle of the same type of situation, somewhat. My cousin and I have been together for a while in secret and he has started saying that there is no way we could be together openly. He is seriously hung up on what the family will say. I recently found out that I am pregnant and it has sent him over the edge. He has completely pulled away and I don’t know how to help him accept our situation. I am freaking out that he is going to run scared because of his inability to see past his fears of the stigma of our relationship. I even suggested that we relocate and start over in a new place that no one knows we are cousins, he seems to consider it but then he pulls away again. any advice will be extremely helpful and appreciated. I am desperate.
  5. My cousin and I are contemplating packing up and moving away from everyone we know so we can be together. I know this is just a temporary fix. He is panicking about the stigma that comes with being together. He is afraid of what the family will think of us. Both our moms already have suspicions that we are together. But we keep blowing their comments off. His biggest fear is his ex finding out about us and not letting him see his 3 young boys. I really need that letter.
  6. Please repost LadyCs letter. I am in desperate need of it. I appreciate it!
  7. I knew the moment that he pulled me in for our first “Real” kiss that he is the person I have been looking for my whole life. Like I found a deep knowing that I was finally with my Soul’s mate. An all knowing that I was exactly where I was supposed to be.
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