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  1. This has been very interesting and deep reading all this. I also need some of your good hearted and thoughtful advice. I have connected with a family of mine in a village in Punjab, India (im from England, UK) and there is a girl living in thr family home, about 6-7 yeara younger then me (late 20s) and we had been speaking on the phone and got on so well and really understood each other about deeper aspects of life. Things she could never speak to anyone else about she has been able to open up to me. I have gone to visit the family and spent nearly 2 weeks there and in that time our connection grew. The family really respect me for who i am although i dont follow religion as they do. The girl is technicallymy "niece" from my dads side. Her mums dad, is my dads brother basically. Ive kinda become so connected tp her heart and character and i feel the same from her. We cried so much with each other when i was leaving and the days before as it got close to me coming back to England. I am starting to feel a deep love for her and ive never felt like this ever before. The fact we are closely related is a massive issue although in my heartof hearts, i will find it hard for her to have to be married someday because she knows i really think of her as my dear friend, but she doesnt know i have a feeling of deep love for her soul. I spent 11 days there and it was enough to know each other better and understand each others life as we have shared alot on the phone. I know this sounds dangerous but obviously im in no rush, but i also know holy crapoly! will hit the fan if the family was to find out. Please, has anyone got any wise words and thoughts on this and ask me any questions that may help u give me better options for what is possibly the best move, whether i keep her as my friend/cousin or take a bigger step at some point maybe in a year or so.... im planning to go back to india within the next 10 months or so.. we are both of punjabj origin. There religion is a low caste religion called Valmiki. I dont believe but i am a spiritual person and she knows and so does her family and mine about my connection to the universe.
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