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  1. .. You can always work. That seems to be all I'm doing at the moment. Not fun for a significant other but hey, money. 😂😂
  2. I'm not a writer and not sure how to incorporate it but I'd sure as h*ll read your book if it contained world wide prospecting as well. 😁 Where I'm from, cousin marriage is legal and not even unheard of but still contains a mountain of guilt and a lifetime of looks and whispers. The Christian way.. 😂 Good luck with the book. Please let me know when it's available. Xo
  3. Stumpy


    Well thank you. I love learning new things. 🙂 I'll make sure to have a look at it. Xo
  4. Stumpy


    Maybe. Does that love that you speak of, include physical attraction as well? If so, what's the difference? I really don't know the original meaning of platonic but in my world, there ain't no sex in that. Xo
  5. Stumpy


    Thanks guys. This place has been great helping me straighten out some question marks. There still are some but that's life, isn't it? Xo
  6. Stumpy


    I'll begin by saying English is not my native tongue and I apologize for mistakes and errors in advance. So. What to say? I'm a female lurker since at least a year. I've read most posts on this site at least once. Questioned my sanity, asked myself if this is really a good idea, tried to talk myself on to another path but no. I'm in love with my cousin. And he wants me too! So that's a good thing in a complicated situation. We're both single adults with mostly grown children. We sort of are in a relationship. But it's all hush hush. For now. That's my tiny little introduc
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