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  1. am too late at this post. you can't marry with your real brother/sister it's illegal. But it's legal to marry with your cousin.
  2. Anyone here to help me? Almost three months ago I met a Russian girl on Facebook. We have hours of conversation every day. some days ago I have proposed her. But she refused my proposal and told me that she is in a relationship with her cousin. But I really fall in love with her. I feels she started loving me too, But she is not expressing. some times she says bad things about her cousin. I am confused about her behavior. As I was searching the internet about Russian women's nature and interests. I found an article https://seeya.com/russian-women/ which is truly about Russian ladies. What you think guys, the author's views about Russian girls are based on fact? Is there anyone who has been in a relationship with a Russian girl or can tell me about the nature and interest Russian girls? Your advice would be greatly appreciated.
  3. very intersting post and community also.
  4. haha LOL i think both of you have a crush on eachother.
  5. ohh you have an interesting story
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