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  1. As a seasoned veteran of family love, my recommendation is: Next time he enters a room, greet him in bubbly fashion. Put your arms around his neck and - with wet lips - kiss him near the corner of his mouth, but not on his mouth. Hold the kiss for about 3 seconds and see how he reacts, if at all. If he turns his face toward yours, extend the kiss to his mouth. YOU’LL KNOW!
  2. I believe it’s important for you to figure out what you’re deriving from your cousin, and from your bf. It may be you’re not ready to be committed to a true adult relationship. Perhaps you savor the thrill of sex and/or other motivation. When Doris and I began, we were 12 y/o. We found, as we got older, we truly felt love for each other. It was more than sex, though we grew much in our respective sexual selves. At 21, we decided to test the waters in an non-incestuous way. We became mainstream. I still savor the memories, and still masturbate to the memories.
  3. Nice intro to “the game.” When Doris (my female first cousin) started, it when we were at a family reunion. We each had entered puberty. While at the reunion, my dad’s oldest sister (the reunion host) came to us and said “Why don’t you kids go play outside? You don’t want to hang out with old fogies!” We raced outside, finding two outbuildings. One was larger than another, so we chose that one. Once situated, we started cuddling and teasing. That only lasted a very few minutes. Doris then stole a kiss on my lips. My response was spontaneous, and quick. I kissed her in return, but mine was forceful with wet tongue. She quickly parted her lips. We were licking & sucking like crazy, inexperienced as we were. My rooster began to stiffen immediately. Soon, we were sliding our hands inside each other’s clothing.
  4. The first time Dorie and I kissed was when we were 8 years old, so it was simple kid play - but were always sweet on each other. We were separated for awhile, but reconnected at a family reunion. Mostly adults there (aunts, uncles, etc.), so my dad's oldest sister said "Why don't you youngsters (we were 12 then) go outside and play?" We hugged a lot as we got outside. My aunt had an outbuilding in the back of the yard. I suggested we go back there. It put us between the building and some tall bushes - could not be seen. It was like a script, and we kissed each other right away (both had reached puberty). That lead, almost immediately, to some light fondling. We ultimately, to cut this short, ended up carrying on for 9 years.
  5. I'm glad to have found this site, as I have fond memories of a relationship a female cousin and I shared for 9 years.
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