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  1. No they don't. Not because I'm ashamed I just honestly never thought of telling them it's never been a big deal so to speak. We have been married (legally) 13 years as of Dec. 23rd/2019 and together for 15 years.
  2. I am married to my 1st cousin (father's sister's son) I have 3 beautiful children (13, 11, and 9) no genetic problems on our end. I am extremely sorry for your loss and pray for a healthy pregnancy/baby to come soon
  3. I have three beautiful kids and they are all perfectly fine!!!
  4. Hey y'all so I wanted to know if moving to Texas (as long as we keep our mouths shut, not that we flaunt it anyways 🙄) if we would be fine. Been married for 13 years and have 3 kids together...
  5. Yes it is legal. No no complications I wasn't aware I was pregnant with my first child so chances are she may have some spectrum of fasd unfortunately but my other two are fine. 😊 My mother almost crucified me then she found out and I pointed out that (because we are all Christian in my family) that I had written out the multiple verses of what is an abomination in the Bible in many different ways from many different copies and and none of it was it wrong and even in some cases encouraged. So after 3 months or so of her going over the Bible right back to the Hebrew original she had apolog
  6. Im in Canada. Shoot me a message maybe I can help.
  7. My faith is Christian and no...first cousins are not disallowed. In some cases it was very much encouraged. Me and my husband (1st cousins) have been married 13 years and have 3 amazing children
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