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  1. I would be really thankful for advice or just someone reading this.
  2. Guys i dont know how to create a new thread, thats why i write my story on this thread. Iam 23 and my cousin is 26, we live in different countries. We broke up. She broke up, because she didnt like the thought of being cousins and that it would destroy our family. She thinks what we were doing was wrong. I really love this woman with everything i got, i was for the first time in my life happy. Now iam heartbroken, we were 6- 8 months in a relationship. Now after our relationship ended she is dating another guy for 6 months already and they did it once... she says she loves him and that she is in love with him. Right now iam at my cousins home with her family. This whole situation is fcked i loved her for 7 years and still love her. But she says that she feels nothing for me now. And iam just so angry and heartbroken, whenever i see her and whenever we are alone in our room i just flip out and cant control myself. I hate her so much. How can she love this other fcking retard, i know its over. She said we will be never together again. I hate my life, i didnt deserve this. Why? Why does she not love me anymore? She is completely different to me now, so fcking cold. For me this love was something special, i just wanted to make her happy. Before her i just was an unhappy piece of holy crapoly!. its like everything is a lie. Everything i ever believed in. This other dude makes her happy and she is in love with him... My Cousin doesnt even care about me anymore. My cousins sister and her mother always said that we are like brothers...i think i begin hating my cousins sister, she probably knew that there was something and she kept saying cousin this ...brothers that... fck this. Fck this family. Fck her. Why do i still love her even tho she doesnt? Fck me.
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