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  1. I don’t know how to start a thread as I’m new here wanting advice too. You can comment here and see if you get any responses
  2. We slept in each other’s arms again last night she new I was coming in late and that I planned on sleeping in the same bed as her she was in underwear and a sweatshirt we got up in the middle of the night and she put pants on to go to the bathroom but took them of again when she came back lots of rubbing and touching in the morning before we got up. it was a wonderful night and great day, very flirty this evening while she’s at work. Talking about her butt lol with pictures PG she thinks she needs to gain some weight for some reason I tell her she looks great and if it makes her happy to do s
  3. I can also mention that she has sent me pictures wanting to know how she looks when she wasn’t living with me and now comes and finds me and asks. Last one was how do these pants look I just got out of the shower in only under and I told her and that she could come in if she wanted she did and wanted to know how the pants look on her butt. She has also said things like I’ve always loved a man in uniform when I’ve responded with a picture. And told me nice butt when she took a picture of me working on a car and sent it to me. we text back and forth all day and talk every night.
  4. I know I don’t want to mess up what we have. I want to do more with her and would. We talk about the future camping together with out kids this summer(she brought this up then add with kids sometimes too). She has which could still be platonic many times rolled over and placed my hand on her breast it could just be a more comfortable position and I get that. I think she is scared of how she feels and I am too because if either of us proceed and the other is not receptive it will change a whole lot. I told her I kinda wished she would have went to an apartment and she responded with so we coul
  5. I should say U.S. she’s 35 I’m 38. Both divorced youngest kid is 6 and she has him every other week. Then there 12, 16, 17 of mine and hers.
  6. I don’t know exactly how to post here! my cousin lives with me this is the second time she has. I asked her when she was not living with me if she would just sleep with me and let me hold her, she said yes, she came over a few times and stayed once i held her for a short time each time, she held my hand and interlocked fingers with me. After she moved back in we slept together a couple of times spooning me touching everywhere but inappropriate Areas. She doesn’t talk about it much I asked if it was ok if I just stopped asking to come up stairs to her room and she said that was fine.
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