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  1. Fred, she is definitely into you. It is possible that she is being a tease but I doubt it based on you mentioning that you have laid down together multiple times and have cuddled. She feels very comfortable with you aside from the flirtatious behavior and is extremely attracted to you. My relationship with my 2nd cousin is forbidden since we are both in relationships with other people we have not and will not cross the physical line but have acknowledged our feelings to each other recently and are now only focused on our friendship and no longer flirting with each other. I would give anything to know what it feels like to just lay down and cuddle with him. It’s quite depressing sometimes but I’m learning to enjoy our friendship. We reconnected a year ago and have been in regular contact every since. Neither one of us can go very long without reaching out and catching up. Breaking up his family and mine is not an option. If you both are single ask her out on a date after she moves out of your place.
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