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  1. Hey Hawk, Thanks for taking the time to read it. Yes I am from India. But you see, I am sure that marriage is not on the cards. Its not possible for us to leave our homes, even if things turn out that way. I just wanted to know what she feels, because she still refers me as her big bro, but what confuses me are her actions. I mean is it normal that your cousin is obsessed with you, keeps thinking about you and at the same time calls you brother ? Maybe i am the one getting such feelings and not she. I want your opinion what you feel from a girl's PoV reading the story.
  2. Hey Epshi, thanks for your response. Are you sure ? Because she stills keeps calling me her brother in texts and over call, whereas i have minimized to almost zero. She is now saying she wants us to be the coolest bro sis ever. So, I have doubts now that she may just see me as a brother for protection. :/
  3. Hey, I just want the community's advice on my situation. I am 25, my first cousin Z is 21. TL;DR : If your cousin says she is obsessed with you(its mutual), in the sense that we cannot go much long without talking, and promises that I am and will be the most important person in her life no matter what, is it love or that is just how strong a brother-sister bond is. Because, I have never felt the same way with any of my other cousins. I am just confused. Scenario (apologies for explaining in detail but I need a proper advice based on everything) : Part I (The foundatio
  4. I had really like to start a message in Help/Advice to get proper advice. Waiting for some mod to reply and help me.
  5. Hi, I really need to get something off my chest and get advice on a cousin situation. How do i start a thread ? Or should i explain it in this comment section only. ?
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