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  1. When I was like 4 I told my mom I thought I'd marry my (2 years older) cousin. She freaked and said we'd have a crippled/retarded baby. That cousin had a hysterectomy when she was about 20, but by then we were friends, no attraction. We were just friends, hung out and told each other dirty jokes back then. But now, my 2nd cousin's daughter is hot AF. 2nd cousin is about 2 years younger than me. Daughter is maybe 20-21. I'm 46. She is a babe - even a Miss America contestant (Hallie Jacobs.) I would LOVE to kissy-face her. I'd be happy to be her husband.
  2. I have a cousin I would love to be with and think she might feel the same. I'm 46, she's 35 and already has 4 kids. I can trust her and that's a big thing. When I was 7 a 12 year old girl - daughter of a friend of the family - molested me. I still have nightmares about it, PTSD. I even freaked out when nurses had to touch me in that area for a medical procedure. I think an unknown woman I might freak out but I'd trust Jasmine to do anything. I generally can't get it up anymore.
  3. My 2nd Cousin's daughter is now 20 or 21 I think (at least 19) and VERY hot - she's now the winner to go onto my state for Miss America. I would LOVE to let her do anything she wanted to me (I'm also a submissive.) I'm 46 myself.
  4. 2nd cousin is fine and legal almost anywhere. In the US half the states you can marry your 1st cousin. Don't know of any where 2nd cousin is forbidden, let alone further.
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