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  1. i think i have this deep crush on my cousin. he is 18 i m 17 he is really cute and the way he plays with my hair gives me feels. but the thing is idk if he wants it or not. he probably is just friendly and considers me as sister. but he does give me these feels lets me play around him and he is sometimes clingy. today he was talking about his first crush and kinda nmnot getting over it and i thought okay i got ny answer its never gonna happen. but then he kept playing with my hair and we talked in a flirty kind of way he blushes etc and sometimes looked at me i saw it fromm y perioheral.. wanted to take me out as last treat since he was leaving tomorrow. idk i wanna kiss him so bad. also i m a bit ugly but he made ny hair and called me pretty and holy crapoly! ok. i dk i really wanna kiss him he gets close to me and i always feel that way but the thing is i cant approach or even make him know what i feel. becz there is a possibility if he knows and is not happy or wants to do the same then he would directky be liek " AYE ARE U CRAZY U R MY COUSIN SIS ' or like never talk to me again. idk worse. i really dont want to lose the closeness i have with him its like butterflies in my stomach. he also does this only with me. i swesr to my god i want to kiss him atleast once. idk what the kissy-face to i do .how do i do it or where's the fries? should i even do.
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