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  1. I'm a 35 year old male and I have kissed 4 of my cousins and each experience was unique but there's one that stands out. My cousin is very attractive and has a great body you can't help but notice. It's hard really hard not to stare at her at family gatherings. She is the one that makes you think "if only you weren't my cousin!!" This is the cousin I had a "crush" on as a kid but never told her. We lived in different states but we have always been really close and flirty with each other and would always tell each other our love stories. We would only see each other about twice a year but she would tell me that she always dated losers and I would tell her I was a hopeless romantic. Anyhow I'll get to the point. We were both 31 and I was staying at her house for a couple of weeks. One night after a party and everyone left I helped her clean up. We were still pretty tipsy in the backyard talking as I was finishing a smoke. She said she was gonna go inside really quick and would be right out. I waited for about 10 minutes and I figured that she probably fell asleep. I went inside and as I opened the door to my room she was laying in my bed!! She told me to lay down next to her. My heart was racing. She grabbed my hand and as we locked fingers I rubbed my body against hers and I grabbed her face with my other hand and turned her around and gave her a deep gentle kiss! It was amazing. I felt goosebumps and we just kept kissing and caressing each other. I slowly unbuttoned her pants and started rubbing my hands against her smooth arse and over her thong. She started moaning and for some reason I decided to stop. I think it might have been because her kids were also in the house but something just didn't feel right. The next morning it was pretty awkward but nobody mentioned it. I really enjoyed it and I know we would have had sex if I wouldn't have stopped. We have not spoken about it ever but I really want to do it again but again for some reason I can't make the move on her. We have hung out by ourselves and she still acts flirty. We only usually hang out when she is not dating a loser though. Should I tell her how I feel? Should I remind her of that one night? Also I got 3 more stories with other cousins so let me know if you want to hear them! Thanks!
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