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  1. You are probably right. She had the option in front of her and declined it so I don’t think it’s wise to pursue aggressively. But based on the vibe i’m getting from her she seems to appreciate my affections. It could have gone a lot worse than that if you ask me. And this somewhat gives me hope. I plan on keeping in touch, but i’m not going to wait for her. Just going to keep living and enjoying life. If she comes around that’s a plus. it feels good to have finally told her though. I have to thank the people on this site for their inspirational stories and guidance. The sense of co
  2. You’re story sounds somewhat similar to mine. I’m new to this site and don’t know how to create initial posts so consider this to be an original. I’ve been extremely attracted to my half first cousin (our moms are half sisters) since a very young age. Im now 33 and she’s 29. We are both married to different people. We also now live in different countries. We did get touchy Feely with each other when we were really young. This was probably my first such experience ever and I don’t think she have any memory of it. Anyways, other than those 2 times, we’ve not been intimate again. I
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