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  • Kizz, I may be the worst person to ask about precise relationship but I'll take a shot at it. she appears to be your second cousin once removed. we have a chart on the website somewhere. Relatively speaking (ha!) you are very distantly related to th…
  • Slow down. Date for awhile. If the feeling doesn't go away, you may have a problem. Cultural taboos can be hard to overcome. I have personally experienced the, "Wait a minute. What the hell am I doing?" Dilemma. I think that is natural an…
  • Well we have over 200 members. Why don't they post? I have no idea.
  • It was part financial, part burnout and part I just needed a break. Actually, I never intended to bring the site back. I'm glad to be back.
  • https://www.cousincouples.com/forum/discussion/comment/6#Comment_6 Yeah! And getting worse. You and I, along with many others are taking our place on the planet right now. God has given us wisdom and a platform to speak truth to power.
  • OK, so I finally moved to a new VM host. The email port isn't blocked at least. I am even trying out a third-party mail sender that should get our emails out! Some email services are fussier than others. Everything should be able to verify their em…
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  • While the site was down, I did a Google search for kissing cousins. Without this website, I was getting only negative search results. So, I felt that I had to put cc.com back up. And I feel good about it. I have missed this place. If anyone has tr…