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Found 3 results

  1. RedKirin

    Falling Hard

    Hello everyone. Where to begin? I've been falling hard for my 2nd cousin. I'm 25, she's 20. I knew her when I was little, about 7. (She was 2) we played a few times as kids. So the next time I saw her since we were babies she was 10, me 15. I got to know her well, and back then I obviously didn't feel like this yet. We got close enough so I could tell she is an amazing person. As we got older, we would party together often. (Often being 3-4 times a year) It wasn't until she was about 16, me 20, that I started to have a little cousin crush. I dismissed it as most would. She would somewhat flirt with me (partly her bubbly personality) Even times where she would casually sit on my lap or ask me to massage her feet. We've even taken a couple trips to California together recently. Just the two of us. However, I've heard her say something against incest before. She also currently has a boyfriend. I feel quite lost because I'm falling in Love with her so badly. It's not just a physical love because she's tremendously gorgeous, but also her mind is so charming. I would honestly die for her if it protected her. I seriously believe she is my soul mate, I would easily wait until my next lifetime for her.. but it eats at me so badd. 😩 I have no idea. Especially coming home from our trip last weekend, I just felt so depressed as our trip came to an end. Luckily we made plans to go canoeing in a few weeks so I can spend more time with her 😍 I guess I'm posting here because I'm confused if she really could love me. If I did confess my heart, what's the best way? Also, I would love to hear input from others who have stories about confessing their feelings to their cousin.
  2. I need advice ! Me and my 2nd cousin are in love with each other and lately we haven't been using protection and im 2 days late on my period what do i do ? And also my family is against us from being with each other but we arent gonna let them stop! Please help !
  3. Lunarose01

    Needs advice

    Hello my name is Luna, I'm 30 and my second cousin has always been my first love. Growing up we where both close and we always understood each other. I was the black sheep in my family and was always bullied. Even at a young age I understood what I felt for him wasn't appropriate for family and it was taboo. We can talk about anything and every as kids. When I was in the 6th grade I moved away from the islands and came to the states. I lost all forums of contacts with him. I thought it was safe not to send letters or draw attention that we where writing to each other. My family hated that I had other members on my side. We didn't see each other again till I was 15and he was 17. His brother was graduating high school so his family few in from Guam.All I can say was the chemistry was still there with added teenage hormones. We picked up like old times and the years apart didn't change anything. Nothing major happened, sitting next to him, or our hands touching sent me chilis and I can tell by the look in his eyes he had it to. We where both too afraid to do anything that summer and he left to go back home. 2 years later his family moved state side and a few blocks away from were I lived. We acted normal around family and didn't try to act like we were close, but when we had the chance we found ourselves alone, we would talk, kiss, touch each other. When I turned 18 I found a job and was in my last year in high school, I found a boyfriend to try and distance myself from him, we both did anyways. We still saw each other at family functions and no matter how hard we try to stay away from each other we always end up next to each other. So we didn't fight it. I got married and have 2 kids (not his) and we secretly have sex we with each other till years ago when I moved to a different state. We still keep in contact and send naughty text to each other. Is it normally that I want a life with him? I haven't told him how I truly feel because I'm afraid that it's something he won't want. We both agreed it just sex but what person doesn't get attached to another person having sex with someone. Needs advice This post is from July fyi: I'm not married. I told my cousin how I felt about him. 11/04/17