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Found 1 result

  1. I have been wondering recently if my cousin has a crush on me, What signs should I look for to point out if she has a crush on me or not? The reason for me asking is because it seems like shes becoming more close to me constantly as every day flies by something else comes up that starts to continue to make me wonder if she secretly has a crush on me. I mean, she has a boyfriend and what not but today she asked me "What if me and my boyfriend split up? Because everything tends to go wrong around this time of the year", because her ex split up with her last year on christmas day etc. And i told her that maybe this boyfriend she has right now will be different and not do that to you this time and she sighed and said "yeah i hope so but me and seth have been getting into arguements again lately and we havent been able to spend much time together since i have to work constantly". But she did tell me 3 months ago that when we first met when we were both 13 that she had a crush on me and she kept telling to herself no no no cant ask him out and what not when she founf out we were cousins but she liked me alot, but when me and her are together she was looking out her blinds of her window at her dog outside in its kennel because it was eating rocks and she told me to come look at how bad of a dog she is because she digs up the yard all the time and tries to bite her constantly and doesnt listen to her so i tried to peak outside from the opening in the blinds but i couldnt see because she was still in the way looking and there isnt much room there and where the window is there is just enough space for 2 people pushed together tightly up against each other because of a table and a counter on boths sides of us with a gap so as i went to look i had my groin pushed against her butt as i was looking and said she has been being bad lately and she didnt seem to care that i was pushing myself up against her butt, and we were skateboarding one time and she fell twice and we got back to her place and decided to check herself out in the bathroom and she comes out and asks me if i want to see this big arse bruise she got from skateboarding but i found it a little off of why she was asking me if i wanted to see her bruise and she slipped down her pants horizontally showing her whole left thigh of her leg of where the big bruise was while also showing her panties in the front revealong most of her vaginal area as she didnt even bother to cover herself up, she always tries and helps me out when ever she is able to afford to help me out. She was wearing a housecoat two times. Once she had no shirt on while walking around and it came undone and she let it reveal her breasts some what and she covered with her hands after that and then as she went to tie up her house coat as she was talking to me she revealed to me once more as she tied up her house coat and the second time was when i just got to her place and she hopped out of the shower exactly when i got there and she dried off quickly and threw on a house coat with nothing on underneath same as the last one letting her reveal most of her upper body and im starting to think that she has the hots for me, am I right? If she does seem like she has a crush on me still what should i do? She is nice looking and what not and if she was to have a crush on me id maybe secretly take that opportunity and if she doesnt then so be it and i wont even bother about it if thats the case lol.