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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, so I don't really know how to properly start this off so I'll just jump into it! Me and my cousin (1st cousin once removed) are intimate, and very much inlove. I've never wanted to be with someone so badly before. And I've also never been so happy with someone. We've been dating in secret for about 4 years as of this August, and it has been so bitter sweet. There has been a few times when he's second guessed our relationship, and has tried to seek another partner. But we always wind up falling back together. (This has happened twice). The reason i came here today Is because i know how afraid he is to be open to our family about us, and this impacts our connection here and there. He tells me all the time how perfect I am and how our relationship is the best he's ever had. He cant help but embrace and kiss me when he gets home. But there are times like of recent where we have problems. Yesterday I had an intuitive feeling that something was just not right. So he gets home and and embraces me as usual and goes to take a shower, and while he is showering I go through his phone (ik complete intrusion of privacy *but at that moment I could not help myself*) and i come to find that he's chatted with a woman from his job. Mostly compliments from all that i could see and remember. And it hurt me so badly to my core, all I could was take a deep breath and go for a walk. When i got back i confronted him and asked him why? He goes to say a few things I know were from anger and then he tells me he knows we won't have a family together (I'm thinking that weve all heard the uneducated saying that cousins who reproduce, have "challenged" children *& I belive he's afraid of that, no matter how much i discuss the statistics with him*) these words hurt me so badly and it was so hard for me to process and accept the reality that maybe he doesnt actually want to be with me. We havent talked pretty much at all today but all day I've been having moments where i would cry because i couldnt imagine a world where we weren't in love with one another. So I just wanted to come her looking to get feedback from others in situations similar to ours to inspire hope for our relationship, I want him to know that me and him are possible, that we can make things work, that nothing is wrong with what we have , and that we can be happy! So please If you have any encouraging words or advice please feel more then free to respond?
  2. Hey guys, Apologies if I make mistakes, very new here. I’m extremely happy that there is a community like this, in the world we live in. I need your opinion on my situation. Off the bat, I’m in love with my first cousin and I’m sure she feels like same but I need to be 100% sure so that I can make a move becoz I intend to. Background: We are an affectionate family, we all hug and kiss. I’m 24 (m) and she’s 32(f) married with 2 children who I get along with well. She’s in a toxic marriage that won’t last much longer. This sexual tension between us has been building over the last 2 years. Whenever we see each other, we always sit next to each other and our legs touch etc for example she’ll always use my knee as support when she gets up IMO just to touch my leg. We were recently under a blanket and I made a move to hold her hand but interlocked hand holding which she was okay with. I have hugged her from behind and she likes it. When I hug her it’s always a bit longer plus my hands are around her waist and our legs always touch, we always give a bit more of a kiss than a usual peck. Not sure if I’m reading too much into it. When she fixes my pants becoz they falling down she will let her hand run across my bum. I often pass each other by and give a little shoulder rub or a hand glide on the back. Im definitely more forward than she is but she has never seemed uncomfortable with the interactions and has initiated some herself. She regularly puts her feet under my legs. I think she might be holding back for the same reason i am. What do you guys think and how should I make a move? I’ve already held her hand and now I’d like to French kiss her and cuddling. Possibly make love if it can get to that. I love her a lot. Kind regards, The riddler
  3. To start off, we are half 2nd cousins. We did not grow up together. I knew of him through the family but only met him once that I can recall, I was very young i don't even remember him from the visit but do remember his sister. Let's call him Zach, he is in fact now my boyfriend of almost 3 years. I've lived with my dad my whole life but from many complications I then moved in with my mom whom Zach is related to on her side of the family. Zachs immediate family has a good amount of money and my mom wanted me to enjoy first week back home and figured it'd be nice to visit my cousin Zachs house and his family considering they have a very huge, nice house. I was very sick from traveling such a long way from my dad's to my mom's I just wanted to go home the whole time I was there. But yes, this was in fact the 1st time i met my boyfriend Zach. We didn't click at first sight, in fact I didn't really find him all that attractive, he was cute but I wasn't really worrying about that at all. A few more visits passed by and we began talking and texting then suddenly we became really close, we didn't miss a day without talking. He became my best friend and he's the bestest best friend I've ever had, he still is. I began to start feeling a bit of attraction coming on for Zach and I was so confused. I felt disgusting "you can't like your cousin that's so weird!!" I thought to myself. But the more I fought it the harder it was. I tried to block it out which was fine. Until he showed he had feelings for me as well... it was the night of my town fair and he came with me for my partner because like I said he was my best friend. We had a great time we then went to my great grandmas house to stay the night to play guitar, talk and just hang out with my best friend that's all. It turned to be much more than that. The next morning I didn't know what to think I was debating on acting like I didn't remember any of what happened. Until he got done showering and jumped on the bed where I was laying and kissed my forehead. I knew he was the one. 2.5 years later we're madly in love and I couldn't imagine my life without him. We are one of the best couples I know being honest. He's my favorite person and he brings out the best in me. Most of all we help each other through everything from battling depression to deciding what song he should record in his music studio. Though, through all of these nice magical times it's still such a rough path. My mother and brother are so judgemental one of the worst judgemental people I've ever met. They hardly support me, they don't understand I'm doing what makes me happy. They don't know I'm with Zach but they are suspicious. It's pretty obvious. We're inseperable and my mother often questions why I haven't had a boyfriend. It's so hard because on top of all of this I'm still a minor so I have no say so in what I am or am not allowed to do. I will be 18 in 5 months so I think I can live with our situation until then. I was 14 when we started dating and our love grows stronger and stronger each day. I know it may seem I'm a little young but for him I will wait until I'm 64 if I have to. He's worth it.
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