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how to tell your mom

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Thank you very much Lady C! My boyfriend and I are now in a relationship after 10 years and we both agree this is the best and only way we want to let our family/ies know about us, mainly mine, since I am the "woman" and his family is not going to give us big troubles. :ph34r:

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I told my mother Via a phone call, same with my dad. My mom was wonderfully understanding, and happy for us both...Where as my dad took a bit to warm up to the idea. He's better about it now. All my siblings are happy for us. The biggest struggle we had was HIS family finding out, particularly his dad and our grandmother. They too have gotten used to the idea of us being together, and above all, HAPPY. My grandmother, who's opinion I really wanted the most, was just so excited for us that we found one another, that I cried with sheer happiness when I got off the phone with her. 

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