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Chicago radio show

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I received this email. Respond at your own risk; I do not know this outfit.



My name is Arielle and I am a freelance radio producer in Chicago, IL. I am wondering if you could help connect me with a married first-cousin couple in Illinois. I'm interested in interviewing the couple to create a radio story that explores the stigma and science of first-cousin relationships.

I recently learned that first-cousin marriage is legal in Illinois if the couple is over 50 or infertile. I did some research and learned that cousin marriage is legal in more states than I expected and that the health risks are not as great as I expected. I think the general public would be very interested in learning about these facts as well.

Thank you for your help.

Arielle Zionts


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I'd just nope right on out of this.

For one, my relationship would have been second cousins.

Two, there aren't, other than the aforementioned exceptions, any LEGALLY married first cousins in Illinois.

And, lastly, even being in Illinois, and IF I were with a first cousin, I wouldn't do it. While Arielle may have recently been "enlightened", I'm more than willing to bet her audience would not be so receptive to the facts. I don't ever bring it up, but invariably, people from Chicago look at us down here as all being married to our cousins anyhow, and in their infinite wisdom, (NOT) it would only further their opinion of us.

Of course, WE all think THEY should be their own State anyhow, and let us be free and unburdened from them.......

p.s. Naturally, present company, (members and lurkers) aside. Y'all are welcome come on down and visit any time you want. We're always up for a little Southern Illinois hospitality..... :grin:


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