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Any other bikers break their wheels out yet? 

I've driven mine a few times and today is a must.  The car is in the shop, so instead of a rental, my own alternate transportation will get me to work.

Riding the bike has been one of those things my ladyfriend and I enjoy doing together.  Mostly cruising out to another town for a meal, sometimes for a ride out to one of the Great lakes, but mostly just to cruise around the metro area.

Anyone with a great story this early in the season?

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Not a bike rider, but they are out in full force here in the west side of the country. Was up north last weekend and seemed every other vehicle on the road was a bike. Looks like a blast !

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Unique, thanks for sharing.  Lots of us out there for sure!

There is a bit of freedom that's enjoyed with a bike.  No calls and no texts.  There are good times shared and new friends to be made.  Something enjoyed by people from all walks of life....all ages. 

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I never really "winterize" mine, but it certainly didn't see much action this winter. I did have to break down and get a new battery this year. (I got the $$$ out of the last one, I think it was at least 5 years old) I've already put a couple hundred miles or so on it this year probably.

One of the local MC's our club is real close to is having their annual St. Patrick's Day run this weekend. We'll all be riding with them. It's suppose to be sunny and mid-60's. Should be a real good time. In a couple weeks, our club is hosting a bike night for all the local clubs, so, we're hoping for good weather. Even if it's raining, they'll all be there, even if they're caging it.

April 26th, the local premier MC, which shall remain unnamed, has requested they be accompanied by all local clubs, to the annual Blessing of the Bikes, hosted by The Lord's Paheece Chapter of the Christian Motorcyclists Association near here at this beautiful venue: https://www.facebook.com/BaldKnobCross . They usually have ~ 5000 bikes roll through over the course of the day. When there is especially good weather that day, it can be nearly twice that many bikes. I think the last time I went, they reportedly had just over 7000 bikes roll through. Last year, I didn't make it all the way up there, as I had other obligations, but I did ride part way. It was nasty weather, and they still had 3600 bikes or so. The event is non-denominational, and even those with no religious beliefs or affiliation are welcome and do show up for it. Around here, it's considered the "unofficial official" start the the riding season. 

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