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Guest marcus

I need some advice!

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Guest marcus

Good morning to all, this is my first time using this so, yeah!

Im a 19 year old guy who used to live in the united states but moved down to mexico with my family when i was around 15ish(around 4 years ago).

since i lived 12 years of my life i hardly knew my family down here so getting to know them was a must, in the mean time i got close to a cousin(he is a guy)

and since i always used to go to his house i would see this girl very often which i didnt know who she was, a few weeks after at some family parties i

kept seeing her but still had no idea who she was, and at those parties we would usually go out, (some second cousins, that girl and i)

all those times going out i kept getting to know her and until one of those times she got my number and ended up talking. I got to see her a couple more


Around a week later of talking i was kind of flirting with her and so was she.

She ended up inviting my second cousins and asked them to invite me. So i decided to go, apparently we had no clue we were cousins(at least i didnt)

The day of the swimming pool we kept flirting with each other to the point were we almost kissed but since there was other people it just didn't happen.

After that day i decided to tell her how i felt, in which unsurprisingly she felt the same way. So until a few days later she asked me if I knew we were cousins. I obviously didnt and said no, we talked about it and decided to just leave it there, not talk and each one carry on with their life on their own.

Yes i was devastated but since we had talked about it and we were younger, i just came to the conclusion that it was the age.

That is what happened a few years back, each one went with their life, each dated other people and lived their life.

Recently two weeks ago at a family party, she ended up going which surprised me since she was very distant from that part of the family ever since one

of the cousins passed away. So at that party she went, and well we kind of avoided each other just to not make things weird, which they did anyways.

She ended up inviting everyone to the movies that night, which we didnt cause her mom didnt let her but we went the next day, She asked one of my second cousins for my number and ended up sending me a message that same night.

We talked normal till the next day at the movies, being there she arranged all the seats so that i ended up sitting next to her. We talked for a bit in the movies and after that we went out to eat. After we were all home her and i talked till around 3 in the morning and ended up talking about relationships(we were flirting a bit). So she ended up asking if all what happened 3 years ago stayed back then, in which i sent her a long message explaining what i felt, and how i see her.

I knew that she would stop talking to me again but eh, i risked it, in which unfortunately she did stop talking to me.

Its been two weeks of the movie thing and well i have tried talking to her and she stops replying after a few messages, it just rips me apart, for the

past weeks ive been really down, and any little things brings me back to her.

other info!

-when we met i was like 15 or 16, she was 14 or 15

-Right now, i am 19 she is 17 or about to turn 18

-My dad is her moms cousin

-My last relationship lasted 2 years and broke up in september, 14. Her last relationship lasted 2 years and broke up with her ex like 3 weeks ago.(i know how she is feeling and that she is hurt)

-we live in Mexico

Any ways any advice? anything helps

And thanks in advance for your time, sorry for the long post,

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