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I need some advice!

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Good afternoon to all!

I posted this before but it didn't show up, so here i go again.

Im a 19 year old guy, who lived in the US for about 12 years of my life and in 2011 i moved down to Mexico.

Since it was my first time living here i didn't know most of my family and that is where every thing comes from.

After some time of living here i noticed this girl every now and then at my second cousins house, ever since the first time i saw her, i saw something in her that just drives me crazy.

Most of the time i went over to his house she was there.

A few weeks later at a family party i invited all of the people my age to the movies(we were all around 14, 15 and 16) and she was going too, i am second cousins to everyone else there. After that we ended up getting together for a couple more times and each time we flirted more and more, and at the last time, she got my number from my phone, in which we ended up talking for several weeks.

After talking, she invited the same people to the swimming pool at her house and to stay over, so that night we had a connection, we flirted a lot, and almost ended with a kiss. A few days after that night, i confessed everything a felt towards her and she said she felt the same way with the same connection. But unfortunately few days later she found out we were cousins and well everything went down.

Considering what we knew, we decided to just not talk, forget everything and carry on with each others lives.

So it happened, 4 years passed by, we both had our relationships, and didn't know about each other through out that time.

Two weeks ago and a family party, i got to see her again. I tried avoiding her to not make things awkward but things still were.

She ended up inviting everyone to the movies that night but we didnt go because of her mom so we went the next day. That night she

got my phone number from someone and started messaging me. So the next day we went to the movies, and she ended up arranging the seats so i sat right next to her, where we talked for a little bit, and after that, we ended up messaging until around 3a.m., we talked about relationships and she asked me if what i had felt 3 years ago stayed back then, and well i explained to her what i felt, and that she had something special in her.

Knowing the risks of this i still went for it for what ended up in failure, she quit talking to me a few days later and well i try talking to her and she just doesnt reply anymore.I see her get online and well doesnt reply. It tears me apart for the second time, and i dont even know what to do, i cant seem to forget her, everything just drives me towards her, i fell for her again in a matter of seconds.

More info

The first time we met i was around 15/16 and she was 14/15

Right now i am 19 and she is 17, about to turn 18

We both depend on our parents.

My dad is her moms cousin

We live in Mexico

My last relationship lasted two years and broke up on september, 2014

Her last relationship lasted two years and she broke up 3 or 4 weeks ago, so i know she is hurting.

Any friendly advice? or what should i do?

thank you in advance and sorry for the long post!

Have a great day!

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Well bro just follow your heart and do whats right cause if you really do love her go for her love has no limits and love is love but i suggest you talk to her face to face and tell her how you really feel. Goodluck also please answer my question in the forum :(

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Is her mom your dad's first cousin? Or second cousin?

I'm just trying to figure out if she's your second cousin or third cousin. Not that it matter either way.

My guess would be that she is still in a fragile place from her breakup & needs space. She probably a little confused by heat feelings for you.

Maybe send her a message asking to hang out as friends & she if she responds?

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OK. I have seen people give a lot of great advice on this site. My advice to you, 1 give her time and space. Don't push too hard. It sounds like she is confused. The last thing you want to be is a rebound guy that she will come to regret later. 2 be there for her. By that I mean don't crowd her, but make sure she knows you are available for her, and you care. 3. Don't rush. Your both young and have plenty of time to decide what you want. Patience will be the key. 4. Along those lines, support her in what ever choice she does make. Again remember, at your age you have a lot of time...... Good luck!

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