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meat free, high protien.

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Normally I love my meat but pregnancy has put the blockers on this. At the moment I can't stand the stuff!

So any protein rich, but meat free recipes would be greatly appreciated!

K x

Here's a link to top 10 foods that are high in protein. There are a few meats on there but there's eggs, cheese, beans and so on  :smiley:



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I have a friend who's vegetarian (or is she vegan now? I dunno lol - she doesn't eat meat, we'll put it that way), she swears by this stuff called Nutritional Yeast. It's flakes made from deactivated yeast (I think) & I guess it's loaded with protein & other vitamins that non-meat eaters need.

You might try looking it up, since it gives you more than just the protein you'll be missing (like B12).

She made me try it once, it was actually pretty good!

Anyway, other than that maybe Google 'nutritionally complete vegetarian meals'. That should take you to a few good recipes :)

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NUTS! nuts are incredibly high in protein.

but might i recommend juicing or making smoothies? you can either add vanilla whey (or soy) protein powder for a good boost of protein, or you can add some greek yogurt, which is also high in protein. they make awesome additions to the drink.

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Yes, I did in the first trimester, and now I'm taking pregnancy supplements if I feel on any particular day that my diet has lacked adequate nutrition. Luckily for me I'm not craving any 'bad' stuff....yet! Fruit and veg really agree with me, as does dry stuff like trail mix etc.

The smoothies sound delicious, Lady C, I'll definitely try those.

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