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Hi! I was wondering how your cousin reacted when you told them you had feelings for them, if you have already done so. Did they react positively or negatively? Did they act negatively at first, but realized that they shared your feelings after thinking about it? I know that the only easy way to tell if your cousin has feelings for you is to ask. But, to be honest, that's really nerve wracking! What you usually see as flirting, could be and probably is them just being nice to you, since you're their cousin. I want to tell him how I feel, but the whole situation is complicated. Is there at least one sign that shows you he sees you in a sort of romantic way. I'm not depending that there is a sign, it'd just be nice to know.  Thanks for reading!

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The age old question....how do you know?  You don't really until the subject has been broached. 

You will find lots of varying answers to the question of how our cousins reacted to overtures of love.  Some of us had negative reactions at first (I myself was stuck in this 'it's wrong' attitude for far too long), some of us had positive reactions, for some of us the relationships grew over time and for some it was love at first sight.  Our stories are no different than others who are experiencing love.

Text, flirt, call him on the phone, invite him out for coffee or to a movie; start to get to know him.  You don't have to reveal your feelings for him yet.  Matter of fact, I would wait.  Just like you wouldn't tell any other guy on a first (or 2nd or even 3rd) date that you have 'fallen in love', this potential relationship is no different.  Take it slow and easy.  Don't let your heart and emotions lead your head - at least not this early in the game!  :cheesy:

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