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Each day with my ladyfriend has been a blessing, and she is a woman I have an undeniable appreciation for.  Besides being mother of two children and a hardworking manager of a business...she is an incredible partner.  From the little things to the big ones, she's all in.

On Easter, I unexpectedly ended up in the hospital (I'm ok).  Faced with possible surgery...she went into Super Woman mode.  While I was in an incoherent state, she reached out to people within my company and canceled web conferences/appointments I was sure to miss. Arranged time off work. She made sure to have my breathing machine (CPAP)  and other necessities brought up... Notified all of my family and friends.  She took on responsibility for overseeing my care...she didn't leave my side.

After we returned home she made sure to I was comfortable and cared for. 

Knowing her as I do, there is no surprise to all of this.  But the love and appreciation for continues to deepen.

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