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Your favourite recipes

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My favourite food is a curry (Indian). I do like however sweet 'n' sour pork, Chinese food basically too and Thai food, Italian food also. Such a variety but none represent my country though.

Typically in England (uk) it'd be cheese and onion pie which I do like but not as much as the above :smiley:


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  • Administrator

once upon a time, we put together a 'cousin couples cookbook', and it featured favorite recipes from members all over the world. it was so cool! i still have a copy somewhere. my daughter has one too... or maybe she took mine. that's more likely. unfortunately we published it through cafe press, and that was so long ago i don't even know what the account was. i'm sure the manuscript of it has long since been lost. it was an awesome cookbook. it had kitchen tips and cousin quotes and mini-bios of the members and conversion charts and all sorts of things.

maybe we should do something like that again? we might even be able to talk nattana into putting it together for us, and we could do it as a print on demand book....

me, i'm a big fan of mexican food. right now i'm low-carbing so i'm trying lots of new recipes.

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Americans are more likely to give you favorite foods that are regionally based rather than country-wide. I'd guess this has something to do with traditional meals still being passed down from our grandparents who (depending on where they migrated from) ended up in different areas of the country.

I'm was born & raised in Pennsylvania so a lot of the foods we ate were Dutch in origin.

My favorites though?

Dutch Corn Pie

Pickled Red Eggs (the kind with beets)

Monkey Bread

Corn Cob Jelly on homemade bread

Perogies (potato & cheese!)

Pepperoni Rolls (cannot find them where we live now :( )

For main dishes we had the same kinds of meats I'm sure most people eat - Beef, Pork, Chicken, Fish, Venison, Rabbit, Squirrel, etc etc. Usually cooked in a slow cooker or tho oven. The way my family cooked meats was kind of blah lol.

I would also suggest Philly Cheese Steaks but you cannot get a good one anywhere but in Philly...

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monkey bread is like a slow ride to heaven... meaning all those carbs and sugar will eventually kill ya, but it will be worth it! oh my gosh, there's not many things that can compete! but never buy the store-bought ones. make it yourself. it's really easy.

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