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Has anyone married in Colorado?

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I went to look at marriage requirments in Colorado. The website says to be ready to explain relationship if by blood. I would like to get married but Im a little stand off about peoples thoughts about cousin marriages...Btw he's my 1st cousin.

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He isn't just a user here, ColoradoMarried is and admin. He's generally a pretty busy boy, but he pops in from time to time. He is married to his first cousin, and indeed, DID (obviously) do so in Colorado. It is perfectly legal to do so there..... He is also pretty partial to advising cousin couples to locate there and marry.

There may be a question on the application about any relationship, and if there is, you simply put "first cousins" in the blank. That does NOT disqualify you from getting a marriage license. If the clerk says it does, they are wrong, and you should ask to speak to someone further up the food chain.

If it would be helpful, copy the statute and have it on hand when you go. http://www.cousincouples.com/info/statelaws.htm#CO You're only interested in the first part, Title 14.

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