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Second cross cousins Marriage

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me and my second cross cousin (my dads mom and her moms mom are real sisters) are in love with each other we are from india ... from many days i am studying on this ... and i found it legal by Hindu Law too (as she is not Sapinda to common ancestor of us ) also i got to know that % of birth defects are also like 3% ... anything else we need to study before marriage?? and most important is how would i convince my parents ..? please help 

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If your parents don't already know, maybe write in a detailed letter to them. That way,  gives time to sink in and hopefully get used to you and your Cousin being together.

I'm not sure what else you have to study on the subject, just that your not the only one in the world obviously Lol

Regarding children, a genetic counsellor would be something you should see before having kids :smiley:


The risk of defects is very small, about 4% if I remember rightly.

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Actually, between second cousins, there is no appreciable increase in the risk of genetic problems of their offspring. So yes, there is a risk, BUT, it is the same as the general population. It is only among first cousins that the increased risk is known.

As far as how you would convince the family, one thing would be to let them know that if YOU TWO so choose, you can go right ahead and LEGALLY get married, and there is nothing LAWFUL they can do to stop you. You would let them know their blessing is respectfully requested, but certainly not required...... Then, stand your ground.

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