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I know there's a few couples expecting atm, so I thought I'd start a topic relating to all things babies, as most expectant parents, me included, can't get enough of jabbering away about the subject.

So, I'm currently 22 weeks gone. This is my fourth child....but the first to my half cousin, and his first baby.

After a nightmarish first tri, my sickness has now gone and various cravings are in full swing! Peanut butter being a favourite atm. Seem to be a born again vegetarian this time, meat revolts me. I was the same with my son 17 years ago....so perhaps another boy?

Would love to hear others pregnacy stories, cravings, labour, tips, baby names, anything.

After all that we face as cousin couples, I'm now rejoicing at this very happy time. Join in!

K xx

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oh congrats! and i'm so happy to see in another thread that all scans and tests so far indicate everything is perfect :) lol, my daughter's first pregnancy was like that... she wouldn't even let ME eat meat when i'd go visit her). and she had a boy, too! so maybe you're right and this one will be.... do you have any girls?

but this makes my advice in the other thread all the more important! don't let yourself get stressed out. if taking a drug addicted sister and her child into your home doesn't go as smooth as peaches and cream, you HAVE to be willing to send her packing. i hope that i misunderstood, and that she's just moving to your town, not to your home.

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Yes, all is well, which is always a relief.

I don't mind others eating meat, but I don't like the smell of it cooking, uuuurgh!

I have two daughters, aged 10 and 4, and I wasn't so offended by it with them.

On the other subject, you did misunderstand, no one is moving in with us. B has said my wellbeing is paramount and he will not condone anything that could cause me any stress.

As I've previously had 3 c-sections, there's a good chance this will be my last child and I intend to enjoy it.

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