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love marrying my cousin?

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hello, i am new to this site and just wanted to talk about this topic that has been bugging me. I am currently 20 with a 23 cousin boyfriend, we have been seriously dating for a little over 3 years and are currently living together here in the philippines. As luck would have it the philippines has a law against cousin marriage so we have been planning to get married when we move abroud in about 3-4 years.

My first question is; where is the easiest place to get married? we were thinking either canada or the states but we are still insure. What paperwork would we have to go through for marriage? does anyone know if its any different from regular non-cousin marriage?

Also, our family does not know about us, sure some of them noticed just how close we were and how we seemed to flirt, but we are now living in a different city. How do we go about telling the family? I am terrified of their reaction, i already had a very negative reaction from my step-dad and that was just him speculating i was sleeping with my cousin, and i have also had negative reactions from other family members when they confronted he about their speculations (speculations which i constantly denied in order to protect both myself and my cousin) .  I was thinking maybe we should tell them after we got married and had a kid, so i could just show the family that we have a stable life and our child didnt end up as the abnormal thing they would accuse i would have if i fell for my cousin. 

Now that i am in a completely new city, and as far as my family knows living on my own. They seem to have had a change of heart saying that they accept it i am with my cousin, saying that they support us and all, in all honesty i dont believe them and neither does my bf. I do however want my family to be a part of my life, i want them to meet my future children and such. How do you think we should approach this?

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