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I think I'm in love with my cousin

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I'm starting to think that I'm in love with my cousin(my mother's big brother's daughter). She is about 6 years younger than me and I'm starting to have feelings for her. All those years I didn't felt anything for her as I'm starting to do now.

It started when She started to hold my hand every time even when I won't let her, she stays close to me every time, gives me those looks(as if she wants to say something to me but can't), comes to sit right by my side even when there are others to choose and when my uncles asks me to do some thing for him she wants to do it too. All of this happen 6 days away when our family were going to a tour for 2-3 days. It included not our own parents but our uncle, aunts, brothers and sisters.

After that I also started to like her as if I love her. I wanted to help her as far as possible. I care a lot about her and now since we are separated, I can't stop thinking about her. And when showhow she found out my instagram's password, she did not even said me to changed it but instead she gave her own password.

I don't really know if she also thinks that way too. I really want to tell her but I can't because of the age difference and as she is my cousin. Should I move on? And does this type of relationship works in my country(Nepal). Please help.

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how old are you both? and it's kinda nice to hear from someone in nepal. i guess you're not too near the damage that has occurred with the earthquakes over there. i hope you didn't lose anyone you know!

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I found this for you: http://www.everyculture.com/South-Asia/Nepali-Marriage-and-Family.html

As I read it, it depends on your class and/or religion and/or ethnic group. If you're high caste Hindu, don't count on it being allowed. However, yours would be cross cousins, so, if any cousin marriage is allowed, that would be the type. As far as what the law actually says on the matter, this does not say. You would have to dig deeper. You seem quite well read and communicate well in English. From that, I will assume you have, are, or will attend a University. If so, check with their law school for an exact interpretation of the law. If it's legal, you may have to fight tooth and nail for this woman, but, if you feel it is worth it, do so.

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