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This website doesn't have a business model that results in profitability. It has never been my goal to gouge my users for personal gain. But tell that to our website hosting company or the domain name registration company. They don't care. They want their money. I generally like to pay for the services myself, but in the past have had to resort to "begging." I've been a full time student for the past 5+ years now. It takes a financial toll on families.

To get around all of this begging, I have set up an optional little donation you can use to help us out. The prices are in experimental mode at the moment (Cheap!). The prices will only go up (and perhaps very soon). Your monies will go to paying the bills, and technical support of this website. I have personally spent over 20 hours last week working here. I work cheap but at this juncture of my life, it is not financially feasible to work for free despite the fact that this is my website and I love what I do and on and on.

Anyway, once you donate, you become a Golden Member. You will receive access to a private and intimate board on our forum. Later, I will be adding a store that sells only cousin related stuff! It's going to be grand.

Finally, I have contemplated making myself available via Skype or phone to help others with tough questions and life choices that deal with cousin relationships. I have no idea if there is a need for this, but it would be available only to the "Golden Members." So sign up today.

The donation script is here, under your profile:


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