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dating my second cousin

What should i do?  

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  1. 1. What should i do?

    • Is this okay to keep this relationship?(further the relationship)
    • Do we need to stop our relationship?(end the relationship)

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hockey27    0

My best friend showed me this girl from his town, we were both flirting from the first time we met. We would hang out a decant amount of time over about a month. We hooked up a few times and it only made us more serious as a couple. We both had plans of making things official at the beginning of summer time, but a few weeks before summer we found out that we are second cousins, after we already had sexual relations. She is the first time that I've even met a second cousin, so second cousins don't really mean all the much to me. with that being said it was still hard to here that we are related. Im not sure if its okay to keep doing what were doing... Because like i said we have already had sexual relations with each other, and its not like we can ever go back from that. Need you opinions please!

Thanks Everyone,


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nessa76    6

If you both feel strongly about each other, then you'll have to overcome  the cousin factor and the sexual relations you've had which your right, can't be changed :smiley:


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Hawk    29


Since it is legal to marry your second cousin everywhere we know of, it's certainly fine in my book for the two of you to continue your relationship. I do hope the two of you are of age, considering your current level of neeked shenanigans, but other than that, go for it. If you two are happy together, then don't go back, and don't look back......

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Romalee    26

Second cousins are good to go just about anywhere we know of!!

As Hawk said, I hope you two are of age, but if not, put this on the back burner as much as possibe until you are.

Then go for it!

I am married to my second cousin, 11 years in April 2015!

Best wishes on your journey!

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ley_b    0

Hit your knees and thank the Lord for showing you a blessing in disguise! That is amazing! It was meant to be, if you ask me. Nothing happens by accident, it's all part of a Devine plan, my friend. ;)

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