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hi,people i am new to this forum and what i have been reading is really helpfull.ii am an african and live in a country called zambia.

i am in love with my cuzy and we have twobeautiful healthy kids,we want to get married but our family wont let us,its really been dramatic,other thing is we just learnt that it is illegal to for us to get  married.we love each other n want to grow old together but just how do we go about it?the other thing is people keep saying the bible doesnt allow cousin marriages,jus how true is it ?

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first of all, cousin marriages ARE ALLOWED in the bible. please check out our religion info pages for more about that. there are plenty of times in the bible where God actually commanded the marriage of first cousins.

second of all, please tell me where you find the information that it is illegal in zambia for you to marry? http://www.hsph.harvard.edu/population/countries/zambia/THE%20MARRIAGE%20ACT.htm shows the marriage laws, and the only thing i see that talks about prohibited degrees of kinship is to refer back to england's laws in that regard. and it is legal under england's laws for cousins to marry.

you have two children. verify the facts regarding legalities, and then go get married. i'm not familiar with your culture there, but if the two of you are legal adults and have the legal right to marry, then your parents really shouldn't have any say in the matter. your children deserve to have parents who are married, don't you think?

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yes they do,and we are going to fight all the way we love eachother so much,his my life n am hislife too.as for family hope they will come around some time.

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