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any views n advice plz???hopeless situation

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Hi guys...

Long story cut short_-_dating my 1st cousin since 11yr nw. Aft 1.5yr of procrastinating,i finally told the truth,that i love this guy n i wd prefer not marrying at all.n according t them i wl HAVE to marry as lov is nt as important as duty is.it became a matter of lf n death t them.

This resulted in my mum crying abundantly,leavng her deeply hurt n nt talking to me.....which breaks my heart.

The asian families lk mine r oldish in terms of social norms.so i cant just move out......despite being 26 n financially stable enough to fend for myself.

My cousinlv will bE breaking the news to his dad sn.same reaction as my mum is to be expected.

We dnt want t hurt or disgrace anyone.

Anyone been thrgh ds b4?ur views n advices r mst nided........thank u.

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