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just need advice.

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I am new here. Bit this has been weighing on my heart.  I am 42 now. But when I was younger my first cousin and I had a "thing". For about 3 yrs.  We did everything together. I went on vacations with the family and everything. I was just one of the kids. We talked about it back then and yes we was in love.  He always said he wishes I was not his cousin.

    Fast forward to now. We still talk pretty much everyday . our feeling are still the same for each other. I have been married for 15 yrs. And he for 20 yrs.  Has anyone else had to deal with these feelings?? I know its been a long time. But we talk talk to each other its like we never missed a beat. I just need to hear others feelings. I feel like I am all alone with this

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