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In love with my second cousin, but I am the other woman

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We have been in an intimate relationship since Oct '14. I have fallen completely in love and want no one else. He shares my feelings but because of what we are, he keeps his other relationship. I deal but it makes so unhappy. I want to be with him, but I fear that will never happen. How do I accept that the one person I truly ever loved may never be mine? Why did we have to be related?

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You mentioned that you fell "completely in love and want no one else" and that he "shares your feelings". If he did not leave his current girlfriend, he does not share those feelings for you. He wants someone else, because he IS with someone else. Regardless of you and he being cousins, he can leave his girlfriend and just be with you without having to tell anyone. Many couples here choose to take that option because of their commitment. My gut feeling says that he's toying around because he can.

Don't let him fool you since it looks like he has no intention of being with you. Him being intimate with you does not validate any feelings, especially since it seems he has not been able to back them up for over half a year since you two started. He is still with someone, and you're still the other woman. It's easy to talk, but harder to prove. He always had the option of keeping yours and his relationship a secret if he wanted to.

My suggestion is you either go your separate ways, or have him immediately leave his current girlfriend for you since, I assume, he says he cares for you enough to be intimate with you.

Hope all goes well, and I wish you the best!

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