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Ever had two cousins share feelings with you?

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So about 5 years ago I was in a short lived relationship with my first cousin. We still are the best of friends and keep in touch but we are both in happy relationships with other people. We never came out to anyone about our relationship but there have been rumors around the family about us, we just play it off.

I am also good friends with his brother. He is married and never has my friendship with him crossed the line of being....well, innapropriate I guess for lack of a better term. But within the past couple of weeks he seems to be flirting with me. And when I mention that he seems to be flirting he plays it off as he's just joking. And I also am sure to mention that I am  happy in my relationship and have even thrown in the "hey, you're my cousin!" and he backs off. But the other night he admitted that he is in fact attracted to me.

I just find it funny/weird that I had a relationship with one of my cousins and now not only is another one of my cousins admitting feelings to me but they are brothers.

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Hi Secretbesties,

I think the brother of first cousin has a strange predicament with you... and it's definitely not because he's also related to you. He's married! I think the flirtations and the admitting of attraction is something you should talk to him about. You've already mentioned that you're in a happy relationship, and there's no real need for any of that stuff to surface. You have a good friendship after your relationship ended with your cousin, and his brother has a wife. I think letting hints pass by could potentially cause ...well, undesirable results.

I have had two cousins interested in me at a time, and I love/loved only one. The cousin that I had no feelings for eventually stopped when the affection was not returned and it was hinted at that he should stop.

Love is a great thing, and even better when it causes few problems.

I hope all is well, and wish you the best. Keep us updated!

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Hello ForYou,

I completely agree and I should have added that I did talk to him about it. I let him know that I enjoy our friendship and that he should not be stepping over such boundaries as we are both in relationships. We are back on the same page now. And I probably shouldn't have posted in the advice section as I am not really looking for such. I was just curious as to who may have been in similar situations.

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