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Me and my second cousin was in LOVE for 8 years ... Even though v know that, we cannot get married as they always tag " brother- sister " still v both remained in relationship.. We have reached that high esteem where v have shared everything between us

Now his parents are forcing him for marriage and he agreed for their strong force ... But he still insist in relationship after marriage but I don't know how to handle critical situation of ours ...

We still love each other to death but still we can't stay together

Help us in handling situation please !

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So far as we know, second cousins can legally get married in India. As you have found out, culturally, it is something else all together. If I were him, I would NOT marry by being forced to do so, and if I were you, I would never agree to be the "third wheel".

If you CAN get married in India, (and do your due diligence and find out for sure) then I would say that before this "pressure" marriage of his happens, you two should get married. It is easier to ask for forgiveness than it is for permission, as you have found out.

If he lets them bully him into this, he is a jellyfish who will be pushed around by them for so long as they live. Perhaps you should look for a more confident and less easily intimidated partner. Someone who WILL stand up for you, and put his foot down and stick to it.

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Thank you for your suggestion ..

In India not in all circumstances u can marry second cousin , in some situation you can't get married as per religion or legally .

He had kept on delaying his marriage since 2 years and now he is 30! His parents are now not ready to listen any explanation...

But he is my first love  and I am not able to digest the fact that he is getting married to another person...

It's a family affair were I would be forced to witness his marriage in few months ... It's really hurting me and I'm left blank here :(

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