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Ever win over/back your cousin? Please share!

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I recently left my boyfriend of 3+ years after borderline emotional abuse. Recently, I found out he hacked me months ago to retrieve my password for my email addresses to spy on me up until last week, where I dumped his sorry behind and took every possible measure to secure my accounts. I've mentioned him in an earlier post, and would like to thank everyone who helped me FINALLY come to my senses. I've been (ex)-boyfriend free for almost a week and though its a little tough to get adjusted to not having someone always with you, I'm glad I left later than never.

I'm taking this time to work on myself, and to think about the only thing that I've only ever truly loved and felt trusted with: my cousin. He and I had a relationship, in which I left him for the mess-of-an-ex I just dumped, since at the time I was scared of cousin-relationships and the pains of long-distance relationships.

Boy oh boy, do I regret that now.

I'm working hard to save money to get a plane ticket to see him, even if for a week. I'm going to explain how careless I was, and tell him everything that's happened so far, in addition to how I never stopped loving him and only loved him more.

Has anyone won over, or won back, their cousin? What did you do? Did it work out?

Thank you so much for sharing!!

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