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Cousins and religion?

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Do you guys think there is any correlation between religion and acceptance of cousin marriage? For example jews and muslims are usually more accepting of cousin marriage. But christians tend to be less accepting. Atheists are the least accepting of cousin marriage. This is just my observation from my 17 years of life. Any thoughts?

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Historically, both Muslims and Jews have had a first cousin preference in finding a mate. Marrying one's cousin is very normal in parts of the world. In fact, non cousins are in the minority when they marry!

Atheists live and die by what little bit of science has been discovered up until this point. It's no surprise that they would take a stance against it. Oh course, not all of them hold that position.

If you read our [iurl=http://"http://www.cousincouples.com/?page=religion"]page on Christianity[/iurl], you will get a better picture of what is going on.

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KC explained that pretty well, especially where Jews and Muslims are concerned.  Their view has the advantage of having not been influenced by the middle years of the Roman Catholic Church (which prohibited cousin marriage) and minimal influence by the Eugenics movement.  Those two events had a significant impact on how Christians, and Western Christians in particular, view cousin marriage.  For better or worse, culture influences how Christians interpret Scripture, as is evident in comparing American Christianity to Christianity in places like Iraq and Egypt (the oldest remaining sects that trace their lineage to first century missionaries).

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I strongly believe religion has a major influence with the acceptance of cousin marriages.

For example, in Christianity, the bible teaches that cousin marriages are acceptable (Leviticus 18). So, in theory, if a Christian knows the bible well, he or she would be accepting of cousin marriages.

(P.S. The teachings of Catholicism seem to have cousin marriages in a bit of a mess. For instance, when I was Catholic, most priests and nuns I ran into stated that cousin marriages were prohibited, yet according to the bibles they use, cousin marriages are actually accepted.)

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I am atheist and so is my cousin and I can confirm, I think more religious people (especially Jews and Muslims) are accepting. Atheists and other secular types are not. Incest is seen as primitive and "just wrong".

For me personally, I don't believe in regulating what 2 adult people do in the bedroom and with each other. Yes, the risk of disability in offspring is higher and should be considered. If genetic testing were considered/required in all states, I'd be okay with it as long as the state ponied up for it. Personally I will never procreate with my cousin but that's my choice. But lots of people choose to have kids with other risky conditions, like older age, essential medications, bad family history. Will we ban those too? 

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On 07/10/2019 at 10:04, ReachIntoTheVoid said:

But lots of people choose to have kids with other risky conditions, like older age, essen

This has nothing to do with cousin relationships though, right?

Just because they are similar does not mean that the rules will apply; for there may be other mitigating reasons why we cannot ban old age marrying. 

The pro-cousin marriage must be the one who should set forth their case, lest it be a red herring.




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