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I don't know. Has she went all weird on you since then, or have you even talked to her? The ball is in her court. Give it a while and see if she gets in touch with you. If she does, don't bring it up until she does, just act casual. If she seems freaked out by it, you can tell her it kinda freaked you out a little too, until you looked into it, and found out it's really a cultural thing, not based on anything Biblical or scientific. And, that the cultural thing is based on faulty (well, at the very least, incomplete, assumptive) science from the 19th Century.

I she's willing to hear you out, bring her to the main page here, and show her the links to the Christianity page, and genetics page. If that goes well enough, bring her to the forum, and show her your threads, and our replies.

Good Luck.

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