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Whaat to do....

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So me and my cousin have pretty much been in a relationship for more then a month, we have agreed to not offically be a couple but we defianatly have an attraction for each other.... ever since the beginning there was just so much chemistry between us, and we would constantly flirt. I couldn't stop thinking about him. Obviously, I knew it wasn't possible to be with him so I didn't tell him, but one day it just came up and before I knew it he was my "boyfriend". It all happened so fast and to be honest, I didn't plan or even really want it to come this far, because of the problems I knew we would face. I am now happy with him but it's mostly just sad becausae of the limited freedom we have.. to love each other....believe me when I say I can't let him go... I've tried but there is just something about him that makes him so great... I feel like we understand one another and we just click so well... what makes it worse is he's such a sweet heart and a crazy romantic, he would literally do anything for me and he's definatly head over heels for me. I can honestly say that I love him and maybe that's the problem here.... I have thought it through and I know its best for us to end this, but What stops me from doing so is I just simply love him too much and care about how he feels. I know he's going to be so heartbroken and lonely... He's even planned for us to move away when we graduate college and have our own little family. He's definatly serious about this and that's what scares me the most.. because I can't promise him that we willl still be together till then. We have done well with hiding it from our family but recently his mom and our aunt found out not long ago. They found a love letter he had written for me, and now his mom is worried and now their keeping an eye on us.. The good thing is, they just think he's in love with me but they don't know the whole story. The problem about that is they don't want him to see me until he is completely over me....there are just so many problems and we agreed that we will ignore them and just go with the flow. but I just don't know what to do ..

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^^^ That right thar Alma.

Our advice will vary depending on your actual ages, but, if I were you, I would prepare for my "broken record speech" to our younger members. It's about time I broke it out and dusted it off again.....

I know it sounds bad, but, trust me, it won't hurt a bit, and if you play it out like I suggest, it should help you create a future set by your own terms.

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