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Guest Mikaela


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Guest Mikaela

I am 25 years old . I was just a fling for my cousin. I fell in love with him its been six months since he broke up with me. He wanted us to act normal with each other like nothing happened I told him i I would never speak to him. After what happened nothing would be the same. I've tried many things to forget the whole thing. I've started new hobbies. I even started to play a new sport. I tried having this I don't care attitude. But the truth I care. I not as strong as I thought. It doesn't help that my family members make comments about me never a finding a partner or ever getting married. I have been feeling depressed and I hate him. I hate for doing he was the person I would go to feel better and now I can't be around him. I shouldn't be around him I know it's not healthy for me . Please help me .

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